Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday March 25, 2013

Rovnj, Croatia

On road between Rovinj and Pula
At our District Conference the first of March we were challenged by Elder Weidman, a visiting Area Seventy from Suisse, to memorize a scripture.  He said it would help us remember the conference and promised us it would be soul saving.  I have memorized Helaman 5:12 and have been thinking about it quite a bit.  With that in mind, the following happened.  The sisters have invited me to go on splits with them frequently.   Sister Burton and I were visiting with one member mom (74) and her daughter (50).  They haven’t been to church for a few years but are always very kind when we visit.  The daughter speaks English pretty well but the mom doesn’t.  They talked about the death of the mom’s brother and how hard it is for the daughter’s husband with his work.  They talked about other hard things.  So, I asked them to get out their Book of Mormon in Croatian and we read in Helaman.  These are some of the words that Helaman said to his sons, Nephi and Lehi.  He told them that they must build their foundation on the rock of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ so that when the winds, the whirlwinds and the storms of the devil beat upon them it would have no power to drag them down because of their firm foundation built upon Jesus Christ.  What was so exciting was to see the daughter explain everything to her mom in Croatian.  I told the daughter she was ready to go and teach with us.  She laughed but her mom agreed to come to church with us and then the daughter offered a prayer.  The mom did come to church and wants to come again. 

 On a different visit I went with both sisters to visit the mother of a member who has moved away.  She is not a member but has had the missionaries visit her.  Dad and I have visited her before.   We sang I am a Child of God and then she said she has our Book [of Mormon].  Sister Jolley asked her if she reads it and she said she does and it brings her peace.  We have been getting mixed messages from her as to whether or not she wants us to visit her.  But after we had a prayer with her she said she will come to church and she wants us to visit again.  It reminded me of visiting with Jonny in Chile and singing everywhere we went.  Songs bring such a great message into the home and help to soften our hearts. 

Transfers are happening tomorrow.  Our great sister Burton is being transferred to Beograd and sister Jolley will be training a new greenie.  Elder Adams is coming to be in a three-some with Elder Bell and Elder Kirkham for two weeks.  Then Elder Bell is finished with his mission and heads home to school at the "Y".  We are grateful for the chance we have had to serve with these wonderful missionaries.
We are still healthy and happy. Sometimes we get a little lonely and miss being around you.  Dad takes good care of me and we feel very blessed.  We miss each of you but are happy you are all doing well.  We love you each so much.  Love, mom and dad/ mutti and bumpa

water level of Drava reached blue line of trailer in 2010

cooking  the meat for our meal

rowing out to the Drava

Hrvoje and his family who prepared the great meal for us

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